Worth keeping the 50C?

I have a few days to decide to get a refund. I bought it about a month ago, finally had a few moments to set it up, or at least I thought it would take a few moments. Every step has been an issue. 

Connecting to my phone bluetooth took multiple tries of the same steps, including resetting the device several times and rebooting my phone. (Tried two phones so I know it wasn't my phone). Finally got it. 

Then wifi firmware update constantly erroring at random times. It says it needs 7 updates but will fail on the 2nd or 3rd then restart over and over. 

So I tried device manager. All it says is 'can't open usb'. My machine is a very up to date gaming rig. All the usb ports work fine, though I tried a few for funsies. Nothing.

I can't even update the firmware on this brand new thing. I'm over it. If this is how bad it is setting it up, I don't want to know what it will be on the road. Thoughts? Am I missing something? Is it worth spending yet another hour troubleshooting it just to get it to basically function?

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