Honda NT1100 CarPlay and SENA App impossible to use? (Try simple Beats Flex instead?)


I connected SENA SRL MESH to HONDA NT1100 according to manual using cable with no SENA BT connection on the list on the iPhone. CarPlay works well, I can hear the music and maps, regulate volume using left handle bar function keys. But then I would like to add some friends to my MESH. And then Sena cannot see my iPhone so I cannot use the APP. I tried everything from the SENA manual, even tried to connect as a second phone, with absolutely no results.

It looks like I've lost possibility to use APP this way and then MESH and other features are useless. So why bother buying sophisticated and expensive unit?

Maybe there is possibility to go some way around this issue? Help. Other solution is to return the SENA to a seller and go back to simple Beats Flex. This will do everything without MESH, just like bold and fancy SENA SRL MESH connected to Honda CarPlay, with a fraction of costs.

If SENA will not find the solution no-one will be interested to use this intercom on motorcycles geared with CarPlay/Android Auto.

Best regards.

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