Audio balance loud on the left


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  • Paul

    I seem to have the same issue, the left speaker is definitely louder than right. At first, I taught it is normal for some reason, but now I can see I am not the only one.


    Has anyone else such issue? Is there any way to fix it?

  • Ford Prefect
    Ford Prefect

    Hi Paul,
    I partially solved this problem by adjusting the L R balance on my iPhone a little to the the Right. Settings > General > Accessibility at the bottom of the menu is a slider to adjust as desired. This only works music played from my phone. It does not however deal with the Left speaker loudness for the Sena itself.

  • beans


    Make sure that the right speaker is centered in your ear. Try moving it around.

    You can also test this by removing it from the helmet and cup the speakers with your hands and put them in your ears.


  • Snail

    We (my wife and I) just bought each the Sena 20S Evo. To my surprise the same issue still exists on both sets! Left is much louder than right. How can this be after more than a year and a hardware upgrade (20S to 20S EVO) ???? 

  • James Folse
    James Folse

    It's definitely not normal for one speaker to be louder than another. I was growing more and more frustrated as I thought it might just be the product that I bought, but the fact that many others are having the same issue shows that there aren't multiple defective products; it must be an issue with either software or hardware. So I choose

  • Anna Kena
    Anna Kena

    That's really disappointing to hear about the audio imbalance with your new Sena S20. It's surprising that a headphone at that level of sophistication doesn't have a balance adjustment feature. I've come across similar issues before, and sometimes a quick calibration test (like the rice purity test) can help identify if it's a hardware problem or just a settings issue. Hopefully you're able to get it sorted out - quality audio gear can make a big difference in the listening experience.


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