iPhone 6s voice control no longer worked with 10S after upgrade to ios11


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  • Bepilot

    I also am experiencing issues with my 10SMH since upgrading to iOS11 on my iPhone.  Keep hearing "intercom end, please try later" however I have not been using the intercom.  Also music playing is erratic and can not control it.  All seems to stop when I stop moving with my motorcycle.  It is a conflict with the iPhone.  Let's hope they get a patch out for this issue.

  • spoonyfork

    I just did the upgrade from iOS 11.0 to 11.0.1 on my iPhone 6s and voice control through the Sena 10S running firmware v1.3.1 still does not work. 

  • Robert Ert
    Robert Ert

    Is there any resolution ?

    My sena 10U after iphone an sena firmware upgrade has same issue.
    I upgraded my iPhone 7s puls to iOS 11 now to 11.2.6 and still the voice control no longer works with my Sena 10U running firmware v1.3.1.

    I push the button "+" in intercom for 3 seconds, my iPhone prompts for a voice command (it starts on Iphone voice command control - screen = is blue with all commands) and beeps and..... despairing - closing command control command screen immediately. So I cant call or ask for music.
    Additionally if i start voice command control from iphone home button or from my car bluetooth system - it works OK.


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