SENA 50S - replacement of battery

I have had my SENA 50S for some time now (out of warranty) and have been been usually happy with the unit.

Now the battery 'blue' fully charged light comes on after a short time when being charged via the USB cable.  On top of this the so called fully charged unit dies after about a couple of hours now.

I raised this with SENA Australia and they sent me an email on how to do a so called 'modified reset' which I did but it did not solve the problem.  I suspect that the battery is failing and I am not complaining about this as I use the unit quite often.  What I am pissed off about is that when I went back to SENA Australia to enquire about having the battery replaced they said that they SENA do not offer this as a service.  So they expect me to purchase a new 50S or other SENA com system.

Really SENA is this the way to treat your customers?  No it is NOT.

There are You Tube videos on how to replace SENA batteries including the 50S unit.  These come from china and are lest than $50AUS yet SENA can't offer this service for their customers.  I have purchased the said battery and will try and change it myself.  If I stuff it up then I won't be purchasing an SENA coms unit.  I'll go and purchase a Cardo unit instead.

You've just lost yourself another customer SENA due to your poor customer service and trade practices.  

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