SRL MESH - music constantly pausing (muting)


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  • Andrew Roubin
    Andrew Roubin

    Peter did you work out a solution for this?

  • Peter Dunkin
    Peter Dunkin

    Hi Andrew Roubin

    Not really, but then yes!

    I went back to the retailer (who were very good and wanted to help). They contacted and corresponded with the SENA Australian importer and distributor, and I got back a list of instructions on how to deal with this situation. I tried the first set of instructions, but this was not effective. The second set were really a full factory reset which in turn would have required re-pairing my device along with all other SENA settings being returned to default etc.

    Before I took that action, I connected my helmet and SENA system to my WiFi network, and it detected a firmware version upgrade. I did this upgrade, and shortly thereafter, went away for 2 days touring on the bike. I had no issues with the helmet audio at all. The voice commands are still a little hit and miss at times, but I think I have some responsibility there to remember the correct commands at the correct times etc.

    I am going away again in about 4 weeks, so will see how it performs then. If there again no problems with the audio, its probably fair to day that the firmware upgarde resolved this issue.

  • Rolando Wyman
    Rolando Wyman

    It can be annoying to have sounds cut out while streaming music, especially if it makes the whole experience less enjoyable. Even though it's hard to say for sure what caused the problem without more information, there are a few things you can try to fix it and bloons tower defense are also great.



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