Pairing Sena SMH5 to GPS and phone


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  • Martin Nel
    Martin Nel

    What I have done so far, I have first paired the Nav IV to the Sena as a multi pairing device. Then I paired the phone as a phone. Everything is working fine. The phone is connected and I can play music from from the GPS to the Sena.
    After I switch of the Sena and the motorcycle, I cannot get is to work again. The GPS says I have to connect a headset or A2dp device and the phone does not connect automatically..


  • susanguevara

    To set up your Sena SMH5-FM as the hub and pair it with both your BMW Nav IV and your phone, you can start by resetting the pairing on all devices involved—your Sena SMH5-FM, BMW Nav IV, and phone. This ensures a fresh start for the pairing process. I learn this method from rooftop snipers. You can reference.


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