support / failed after one week


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    Alex - Sena Support
    Alex - Sena Support

    Hey Tom,

    I apologize for the inconvenience you've experienced. I understand how things can sometimes escalate and become frustrating.

    If you already have a support ticket with us, please provide me with the ticket number so that I can prioritize your case and assist you as quickly as possible.

    Rest assured, I'd like to resolve this matter promptly.

    On a side note, submitting a ticket usually leads to faster responses. However, I understand the need for immediate answers through chat, and I apologize for any delays in our response times.

    a ticket can be submitted here:  

    if anyone else is experiencing the same issue please also submit a ticket and let me know the ticket number here, you can mention me via Alex-Sena-Support

  • Tom Robinson
    Tom Robinson

    HA ! two year warranty, what a joke.


  • Tom Robinson
    Tom Robinson

    I'm trying to not overheat as well.

    Amazon should't sell Sena product.


  • Edwin Garner
    Edwin Garner

    I had a disappointing experience with this company's customer support. The wait time was much longer than promised, and when I finally did get through, the representative was unresponsive and unhelpful. To make matters worse, one of the products I purchased overheated dramatically while charging and is now completely unresponsive. I hope the company can improve its support and product quality in the bubble shooter.

  • davidseen

    In the most recent iteration of Arceus X Download, it will have the capability to run numerous PC scripts, a functionality that is absent in the current version.


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