Using Siri on iPhone 4s with SMH-10?

Pressing the 'phone' button on the SMH-10 starts Siri properly, but the SMH-10 seems to broadcast enough background noise that Siri never stops listening (even when using the helmet indoors in the quiet).  This means it's impossible to use Siri unless the user presses the iPhone 4s's "home" key to signal Siri to stop listening.  (if you do that, then Siri works great)

Currently the only way around this is to turn off Siri and use the old-fashioned iPhone voice commands as they 'time out' even with high noise, but this is much less functional than Siri is.

Any chance of a firmware update that would remove some of that background / base-level noise so Siri would function well?  Or is there another solution you could suggest?  Thanks!

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