SMH10 with iPhone

All the info I see relates to the use of the SMH10 with an iPhone AND something else, e.g. a Sat Nav or perhaps an audio player, but I am only interested in what seems to me to be the most blindingly obvious usage and that is - use the iPhone for everything. That's what I want to do. It is of course a phone, but it's also my Sat Nav and can play music. Although I don't want to be playing music the whole time, I want the possibility to be able to play it if I do want to. Anyway...

I successfully paired the iPhone and used it for Sat Nav, but at various times it would start playing music. I had no desire for it to do this and had to stop it every time. Usually it would start playing after first making the connection.

Then, after trying the intercom functionality with another SMH10, I found that Sat Nav instructions are not overriding the intercom. From this I deduce that the iPhone has been paired as an audio device which is the lowest priority. So it looks like I need to force it to use HSP or HFP instead.

OK, I think the manual explains how to do this, but why does it default to the least obvious device type. It's pairing to an iPhone - the clue is in the name. Why default to an audio player?

If I instead pair as e.g. HFP, what happens when I play music from the iPhone? I'm guessing it's low quality mono which is hopeless.

It seems to me that the simplest solution of a single device (i.e. the iPhone) to do everything is the most complicated to actually get working correctly. It shouldn't be like this.

I want to simply pair the iPhone and have phone calls and/or Sat Nav override the intercom and with music the lowest priority. But music must be stereo although the rest can be mono. Is this possible? How?

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