Will it damage the SM10 to leave it connected to a charger and switched on all of the time?


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  • MarcFTL

    it have been over 20 days since this question was asked.  Why bother having a Forum if Sena will not respond?

  • J Bichsel
    J Bichsel

    We have some issues with the SM10 here on the forum dating back to Mar/Apr of 2013 with no response from Sena. I feel like the hundreds of dollars I have spent on Sena products have been wasted money.

  • Boatnut

    I just ordered one of these and have same question.....

  • Pablo Motta
    Pablo Motta

    Leaving the SM10 in the charger will not damage the SM10. 

    Leaving the SM10 powered ON while the bike is not running will continue to deplete the battery on the SM10.


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