Ongoing Issues with 20s and NO response from Tech Support!


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  • Tapajos

    I'm also disappointed this this product. I'm going to back to my Scala Rider G9, that is really good.

    You should try the new G9X.

  • Ian Newby
    Ian Newby

    I also purchased a dual 20S set in June. Having used them for a four week tour of Europe we had a few issues with short battery life, no FM reception and not getting the blue 'charge completed' light even after an overnight charge.  I also found that the usb cover will not now stay in place, leaving it exposed to the elements. I raised a ticket with support but after 7 days it is still awaiting allocation to a member of the support team. Prior to purchase I did my research and got the impression that SENA's support was highly rated.

    I will wait and see if their support is as good as was reported.

  • Mathew, Bruce
    Mathew, Bruce

    To get your music to work with the intercom, you need to make sure the audio multitasking is enabled.  I found that the computer interface would tell me it was enabled, but when I went into the configuration menu on the headset itself, it wasn't enabled.  I enabled it directly in the helmet and it started working just fine.  Also remember that the volume settings are set in each mode, so it may be that you don't have your music volume set loud enough, so it may be working but you can't hear it when the intercom is active.  The only other issue with music during intercom is that if you have any noise in the intercom, it won't let the music play.  Once the intercom is quiet, then the music will come on.  So if you have a mic out in the wind, the music may never play because of wind noise.

    If you haven't installed the latest firmware - I would recommend doing that before fighting with it any further.

    Hope that helps...

  • scott gierke
    scott gierke

    I have several dual packs on the dealership shelves and they are all about to go back to the distributor!  


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