SMH10 Pairing challenges

Lots of my friends own the SMH10 on my recommendation.  We all have the latest firmware (5.1 at this time).  Our goal is to get 4 riders on an OPEN channel (everybody can hear everybody) with no VOX, just an open channel all the time. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  We pair EXACTLY as per the Firmware rev 5.1 manual (see link below)  but it seems to be missing a lot of info.  


For example, it says A pairs with B, then A pairs with C, then A pairs with D.  But it doesn't mention that when A pairs with B, they can talk, but when A pairs with C, A loses B.  This is KEY information, the manual does NOT cover it, so at this point,  we continue to pair (A with D), then A and D are paired but A lost B and C. We then have B press the Jog Dial and he may come back in (now A, B and D are in, but C is not). Then we try to have C press the Jog Dial to come into the conversation, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and we end up trying various permutations of pairing and Jog Dial presses, like a monkey trying to randomly type the Holy Bible, with roughly equal success.

Please clarify the EXACT procedure and we will try it at our earliest convenience. Ideally, an updated 5.1.1 manual would be available for download and we can end this hell.  When we get all 4 going, it's awesome and we love it. But today, as many other days, we simply fought it and were unable to resolve it.  We're not dummies, we're all engineers.  Again, please help us use your product to its fullest ability




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