Lots of new Sena products for 2016. But what about our issues?

Here are a list of issues that we're having with our 20S units that need to be fixed.  Sena needs to put some resources to making the firmware changes necessary so we can enjoy the units. 

1. Cannot turn Group Intercom OFF when out of range of the group:  When the Group Intercom originator goes out of range of the group (or the connected friend in the group), the double beep-beep happens to let us know. The problem is: The originator cannot turn Group Intercom off in this condition. The options are: Ride with the double beep-beep every 20 or 30 seconds (estimated) until the group comes back into range . . . . or . . . . power the Sena down and then power back up again. Cycling the power starts the unit with no group intercom. We need to be able to end a group intercom while out of range with the group. Totally repeatable.


2. Cannot turn on FM radio while in Group Intercom.   If in a group intercom, a user cannot turn on the FM radio. Our only work-around was to turn the unit power OFF and back ON. Then turn on FM Radio first, and finally turn Group Intercom back ON. This happened every day, several times a day, by all of us. Totally repeatable.

3.  Cannot turn the FM radio OFF when in Group Intercom:  Just like above, FM radio control isn't possible when in Group Intercom. Totally repeatable.  

4. Cannot make a phone call while the FM radio is on.  If in Group Intercom, you cannot turn the FM radio OFF. So to make a phone call, one must power the unit OFF and back ON; then make the phone call (by pushing the phone button and letting Siri dial the person’s phone number). After the phone conversation has ended, the sequence is to turn FM radio back ON; followed by Group Intercom. Totally repeatable.

5.  Group Intercom command unreliable:  I cannot describe the sequence that caused this because it happened randomly. But the issue is that trying to end Group Intercom (by voice command) sometimes got the Sena firmware in a loop. Speaking “Group Intercom” would produce the Sena lady response “Group Intercom” but nothing would happen. The work-around was to turn the Sena power OFF and back ON.

6.  Group Intercom feedback squeal (loud):   Occasionally, immediately after initiating Group Intercom, a feedback squeal would come out of all of the Senas in the group. The only way to stop it was for the originator to power his Sena off and back on. It was as if the Sena audio output was being re-routed into the microphone input. It always began after any one in the group would utter a word. In other words, audio into the mic would begin the feedback. I’m sorry, but there was no difference in our beginning Group Intercom when this issue came up from all the other times when it didn’t come up. It was totally random and happened maybe 1 out of 15 times. Sorry I cannot be of more help with this one.

7. Popcorn, loud static, drumbeat: When in Group Intercom, popping noises would occasionally start. It sounded exactly like popping popcorn. Other times, it was a loud “Tick-Tick-Tick” with a rate of about 3 ticks a second. Other times, the popping and ticking would seem to be drumming out a rhythm. And at its worst, it was loud random popping, ticking, clicking, and static noise that we either endured until it went away or turned our units OFF to have some quiet. The noises described only happened when one of our Group Intercom would say something that keyed the intercom communication. Then, it would run for at least five seconds. Many times, it was as if the popping, clicking, and static noise was keeping the intercom channel open. Then, powering off was the only way to make it quiet.  


Sena needs to address these repeatable issues and let us know specifically when they are fixed in new firmware.  

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