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Some of the recent  threads on the 20S forum specifically for me are getting quite long.  Some are 3 pages of posts.  

When I click on a topic,  is there a way to organize what I see with newest at the top?  

For instance, when I go to recent topic and click on a desired topic, I  see the oldest at the top;  requiring me to scroll all the way through all the posts to reach the bottom; only to find that there's a second page.  Upon clicking Page-2,  I see the oldest of that page on the top and have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the latest post.  

Even when I get  an email  that a topic to which I am subscribed has a new post, the link takes me to the first page with the oldest at the top . . . not to the  new post; requiring me to scroll through one or two pages to see the new post.  

Is it that way for everyone?  Is there a local setting that I have wrong.  When I bring up a topic, I want the newest to be at the top.  SENA, if it's not me, can you please change the forum settings to have the newest at the top; or at least give me the option.  

If there are two pages, can you make the page display appear at the top of the first pages so scrolling all the way down isn't required? 

I'd  like to know if it's this way from anyone else/  

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