Improvement notice on Firmware Ver 4.0 - Recognition and thanks to Sena!

This is more for the Yaesu FTM-10R/ SR users out there, but it seems as the latest firmware release Ver 4.0 has corrected the connect profile issue that we have seen with previous versions.

History on this is this.. When you would try to sync up the SHM-10 to the FTM-10R/SR radio while it was tuned to a two-way channel HSP/HFP  (Headset Profile/Hands Free Profile) the SMH-10 would not sync correctly. When you would switch to FM stereo or line input on the radio, this would cause the radio to change to A2DP (Advance Audio Distribution Profile0 and would sound ok.

The work around has been to make sure you turn the radio on set to FM or line input to force A2DP mode, then turn on the SMH-10 just seconds after you turned on the radio. This would ensure proper sycn

Since the VER 4.0 upgrade, I was able to test several times that if you forgot to attach to the SMH-10 while on FM you would still sync correctly to the HSP/HFP  profile.. The only negative is that when you went to FM or line input, it would not go to the A2DP mode, but it would at least still communicate properly.


Regardless, this is big improvement and ensures that a user that uses the Yaesu radio for mainly two-way radio use will be assured a good communications experience.

Of course you still have the option to use the SR-10 (and soon the SM-10 Stereo) for even better options for multi device configuration.

Thanks to all at Sena for putting effort in making a fine product work even better.. If you have not yet upgraded to 4.0, I highly recommend!

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