Please add intercom VOX re-enable

My riding partner and I use the intercom feature with VOX enabled as we each generally listen to music over A2DP when not talking. This normally works well with only rare unintentional  VOX activations.

Sometimes one of us will accidentally tap the jog button, either by bumping it against a shoulder or while trying to pause music or skip a track. When this happens the intercom turns on and VOX is disabled. Tapping the jog button again turns the intercom off, but VOX remains disabled. We have to power cycle the unit to re-enable VOX intercom.

Please add a way to easily switch between VOX and non-VOX intercom without having to power cycle the unit. For example, when in VOX mode and the intercom is not active, a single tap opens the intercom channel until it's turned off by another tap. The second tap should close the intercom channel and return to VOX operation. The option to return to VOX when manually closing the intercom should be configurable.

When the intercom opens due to VOX activity on the sender side, or the intercom opens for the receiver due to the sender opening the channel, then a single tap could close the intercom and leave VOX disabled, but only for a configurable duration (like 30 seconds). This would preserve the intent of the current operation, where unintentional VOX activations can be easily turned off, but the unit returns to normal VOX operation for the next activation.

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