Master volume control


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  • Marc Woo
    Marc Woo

    Thank you for your suggestion. We will do the feasibility study of setting the master volume on one device source by SMH10 manager. We will keep you informed later.

  • Marc Telkamp
    Marc Telkamp

    I'm not sure about Peter's original suggestion, as it is only useful to people who use the A2DP-protocol. But I strongly agree that the different adjustable volume-levels are annoying. On the end it means that every singel one of the volumes is either too loud or too soft.

    I would suggest that there is one master-volme, adjustable with the jogdial, and one could adjust the different sources in the configuration-menu.

    So a new menu-entry called "volume-offset".

    When in this menu one could subsequently alter the volume for:

    - Intercom

    - Phone (set volume for mobile phone as well as second mobile phone)

    - A2DP

    - NAV-instructions

    Mind: when you pair your Navigation as a mobile phone, its volume can be adjusted with the phone-entry, not the NAV-entry

    All other sources don't have an offset as to not complicate things too much.

    Adjustments could be made by turning the jog-dial,confirm by pressing the phone-button, cancel by pressing the jog dial.

    Adjustment-levels for all adjustable sources should be: 0, -1, -2, -3, -4, -5.

    Meaning: 0: volume level is as loud as the master-volume

    -1: Volume level is 90% of the master-volume

    -2: Volume level is 80% of the master-volume

    -3: Volume level is 70% of the master-volume

    -4: Volume level is 60% of the master-volume

    -5: Volume level is 50% of the master-volume


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