Adjustable Threshold on SR10

I use the SR10 with SMH10 for radar detector volume (occassionally phone to the SR10 instead of Zumo 665). My problem is now that I'm using earpuds for sound, the sound is very crisp, etc. but radar detector tones are deafening. I operate with the SENA volume up all the way to get appropriate MEDIA sound (with Navigation volume scaled back). Obviously there is a volume control on the remote audio adapter of the Valentine One. My point is at a radar detector volume level just below where it is now, I get no sound, the SR10 does not think sound is coming in. Thus, it is set at the lowest possible volume that gives me an indication. That level is very loud. If there was a way to change to a second threshold, this product would be much more useable.

Other options are available to me on the NAV/media system but are unacceptable. Can this be fixed in SR10 firmware?

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