Make Sena SMH work for BMW R1200RT with BMW Navigator IV


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  • Sena

    Thank you for your feedback. We will test and find out the reason between BMW R1200RT with BMW Navigator IV and SMH10 with firmware 4.1. We will keep you informed later.

  • Karel Van der Auwera
    Karel Van der Auwera

    My BMW dealer talked to the Sena-dealer in the Netherlands yesterday. They said it works and if it doesn't I should downgrade the device back to v4.0. I can't believe IT-, soft- and hardwaredeveloppers can't make a bluetooth device make work properly.

    But ok, I did what they said, downgraded it back to v4.0. All night I have been testing and trying... sometimes by chance I heard a noice but nothing more then that. This morning when I wanted to go to work: empty battery.

    Please give us some safety on the road. As a doctor in a big city doing housevisits this is becoming a real struggle and I start to disgust riding my new bike...and that's the last thing I want for such an expensive investment.

    If Sena doesn't come up with a solution I would like a refund and follow the advice from my BMW-dealer: stick with the original BMW bluetooth device built-in the helmet (their system).

    Waiting for your reply,

  • Dasadab

    I got it all to work asa follows:

    1. Revert Firmware on Sena to 4.0.  Restore Smh10 to factory defaults.  Clear all pairings from the BMW radio.  See the BMW manual radio manuel for this. 

    2.  Pair the SMH10 with Helmet 1 on the BMW radio.  ( I have two Sena units--one would pair, one identical unit wouldn't!   Use SELECTIVE PAIRING on the Sena.  See Sena 4.0 Manuel, Section 7.1.  But, replace step 3 in the Sena Manuel with getting the BMW radio to search for the Sena.  If paired the BMW radio will show "ok."  You should be able to hear BMW radio through helmet speakers.

    3. Pair the iPhone with the BMW Nav. IV GPS using the "phone" section in the GPS after previously selecting the Bluetooth Icon.  

    4.  Pair the GPS with the Sena SMH10.  Use Multi Point Pairing as described in Sena Manuel 6.3.1.  In doing this step, have the GPS search for the Sena, using the option in the GPS's bluetooth menu called "audio". 

    You should now be able to use the GPS to make and receive calls, using the address book from the iphone that will be imported into the GPS.  

    I haven't tested the stability of this set up yet, but I think I am on the right track. 

    I would really like Sena's support folks to give this a test of their own just to confirm.     


  • Dasadab

    Just to add:  If you are pairing the passenger's iPhone:  Pair it as is described in Seni manuel section 6.1:

    "6.1 Mobile Phone Pairing

    1. Turn on the headset and press the Phone Button for 5 seconds

    until the LED flashes red and blue alternately and you hear multiple

    beeps. You will hear a voice prompt saying

    “Phone pairing”.

    2. Search for Bluetooth devices on your mobile phone. Select the


    Sena SMH10 in the list of the devices detected on the mobile




    3. Enter 0000 for the PIN. Some mobile phone may not ask for the PIN.






    .  Finally, pair the two Sena units to each other. 

  • Dasadab
    Ok. Just tested the above setup. Everything works, Except when making telephone calls (Where the iPhone connects via the GPS). I can call via the touch pad on the GPS, the call connects fine and I can hear the person on the other end perfectly, BUT they cannot understand me because the connection is terribly garbled. Back to the drawing board.
  • Dasadab

    OK.  I give up.  My last configuration involved going back to FW 4.1 and not pairing the iPhone to the GPS at all.  Just paired the iphone to the Sena using HFP.  The phone works fine, but you give up integration with the GPS for address book use, etc.  You have to dial (not recommended) from the pad on the iphone.  The only problem with this set up is that the music coming over the BMW Radio via the Sena has very poor quality.  Like an old AM radio.  I have come to the conclusion the the BMW R1200RT and the Sena are just not ready for prime time.  Maybe Sena will trouble shoot their system on an RT.  Basically, now, it's not stable and when it does work you use the GPS/Phone interphase and the radio/satellite quality is poor.  Too bad. 

  • Faustino

    El SMH5 no enlaza correctamente con el Navigator V en mi R1200GS, no permite atender las llamadas, se queda en silencio y no recibe ni envia señal

  • Bill Henning
    Bill Henning

    Ya know I don't think this is so much a Sena problem as it is BMW.  I have a 2012 R1200RT with bluetooth and I paired it up with a non Sena bluetooth receiver and the quality of the sound was terrible, exactly like you say, an AM Radio.  So this problem is not Sena so much as BMW doing something proprietary so you will buy their Schuberth helmet with built in receiver.  I ended up using a Sena SM10 bluetooth transmitter with inputs from the bike radio and a GPS which works very well.  Reliable and excellent sound.  So my conclusion is that the BMW bluetooth is the culprit for this probloem, and there are many posts elsewhere on other bike forums that complain about that.


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