Low battery warning


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  • Phil Mills
    Phil Mills

    I have an SMH-5 (non-FM) and lost virtually ALL low-battery warnings when I upgraded to the 2.1 firmware.

    Prior behavior gave me LOTS of notification - I'd start getting "low battery" voice warnings easily an hour before the unit would actually shut off (streaming bluetooth audio).

    With the 2.1 firmware I MAY get a single notification about 3 seconds before the unit shuts down.

    "Art" from Sena's support team has only suggested "Well, don't upgrade the firmware.  That's usually a bad idea.  I never upgrade mine.  You can downgrade if you don't like the new behavior" (paraphrased).  As a SW developer who has to provide end-user support: that's a crap answer, Art.

  • Emile Ottelé
    Emile Ottelé

    It would be nice to get the warning a lot sooner yeah.
    Now you hear a warning, only leaving you to say that your Sena is empty and 10 seconds later it shuts down.

    This is very annoying when you are navigating or talking to someone trough intercom while driving.
    Please set this audio-warning to be there when the battery level is around 30%, so you know you've got some time left.


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