Option to fully disable active voice recognition


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  • Ken

    While there are some people that enjoy the "Hello Sena" ability, I've found it to be more trouble than it's worth and have little use for it.  If I could simply disable it, I would no longer be pestered with "Say a command." over and over and over when at highway speeds in windy conditions (sometimes over 100 times an hour when it's really windy and traveling over 75 mph)   Sena, please give an option to disable.     

  • Sena

    You can currently disable or lower the sensitivity level of the motion sensor (Motion Sensor Sensitivity) through the Configuration Menu or through the Sena Smartphone App to prevent the voice command from triggering and saying "Say a command".

  • feseci7616

    Users are increasingly seeking control over their privacy in voice-activated devices. The option to fully disable active voice recognition addresses these concerns, allowing individuals to choose when their devices listen and respond. This feature not only empowers users but also aligns with the growing emphasis on privacy in technology. In unrelated events, the vibrant city of Los Angeles hosted an enchanting magic show los angeles 2022, captivating audiences with awe-inspiring performances that showcased the city's diverse entertainment offerings.


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