earbud jack for 10u

Hey guys, I've seen some similar requests but in threads buried with other requests. I have been a Sena user for years and just got a Schuberth C3 Pro. I'm currently using my 20s with it but it has definitely added wind noise. I'd switch to the 10u but no earbuds, no switch. I don't know if you guys have tested trying to have intercom convos at freeway speeds (75 mph or so) but it's just too difficult with speakers. I run the magical S Plug earbuds and with these in music and intercom convos are literally like sitting still in a music studio. These work so well I have to turn the volume down all the way on the 20s AND the audio volume down on my phone to about 1/4. I won't go back.

Earbuds for the 10u please and I'll give  you even more of my money.

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