Why does the 10c take SO long to charge?


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  • Sena Marketing
    Sena Marketing

    The 10C has a large battery inside of it to allow the device to operate for 17 continuous hours. As such the amount of time to completely charge the headset is greater than any of our other products to accommodate the larger battery.

  • Etyrnal

    i have devices with batteries in the thousands of mAh that don't take this long to charge... 


  • Sena Marketing
    Sena Marketing

    As stated in the User's Guide and on the 10C product page, the 10C takes 3.5 hours to charge from a completely drained battery to 100%.

  • Sundi Bright
    Sundi Bright

    And what if it doesn't charge at all?  I've only had my unit since Christmas and now it won't charge, which makes it completely useless.


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