Blinking blue status LED


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  • Johnv

    My understanding is that the flashing means the unit is in standby mode just waiting for something. The units will spend most of their time in standby.

    Also you don't want a steady LED. An LED that is on all the time uses a lot more power than one that flashes and the battery life is not that great now on headsets. When wearing your helmet you should not see the LED anyway and that is where it should be most of the time.

  • dgreen

    Battery life isn't a concern for me as I'm using the 20S for commuting so it's needed for 1 to 1.5 hours a day then back on the charger if required.  Regardless, I don't think a continuous LED is going to make that much of an impact on the battery life of a device with the LED already at ~50% duty cycle and two bluetooth transceivers, audio amplifier, etc.

    You are right that I can't see it however I can see people at stop lights in the left lane staring at my helmet trying to figure out what the really bright light is.  I have some semi-transparent white tape... I think I'll just mute the LED with a small strip of that.

  • Randal Benteman
    Randal Benteman

    I used a small thin strip of electrical tape. I did leave a small gap to see the LED.


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