20S - Zumo - GPS clicks but no voice prompts?


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  • Marc Telkamp
    Marc Telkamp

    I also have a Zumo 590. Nav-instructions are fine. Maybe you allready solved this one, but I see 2 possible solutions:

    1] Turn on the Zumo and the Sena. On the Zumo-main screen press the speaker. It says that you cannot adjust the volume here, because your are using a bluetooth headset. Press the wrench-button (upper left). Here you can adjust the different volume-levels. Make sure that your Navigation-setting is 100% or so.

    2] The Sena 20S has different volume-settings for different sound-sources. Mayby the nav-instructions-level is 0 ?  Try to get the Zumo to say something, and then turn the jog-dial. Maybe the sound wil come up.

    Good luck.


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