poor phone call quality with 20s and iphone


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  • Ken

    That's a tough one with which to help.  One of the best features with our 20Ss is how well it works for phone calls.  I had an iPhone 5 and Judy couldn't tell I was on the motorcycle when I called her.  Same thing with my iPhone 6+.   You might try someone else's iPhone to try to narrow it down a bit.  

    One thing we've all noticed is that if the 20S unit isn't firmly seated and latched in the mount, we do experience problems that don't seem to make sense.  The latching mechanisms either seem to be so tight that it's impossible to latch; or they come loose and the unit loses contacts.  


  • Simon
    I have exactly the same problem. Terrible call quality for the person receiving the call. I think the 20s is a dud and a total waste of a hell of a lot of money so far.
  • Mohamed Hassan Basha
    Mohamed Hassan Basha

    I had Exactly the same problem, it looks as if it is so common, any progress so far?

  • Davecraddock

    So... I ended up getting mine replaced under warranty. Voice commands didn't work well, either, and they replaced my unit. Much better now. Not as good as I'd like it to be, or as good as my car kit, but good enough to make calls when needed. Not good enough to make 'just because' calls.

  • Peter Stenberg
    Peter Stenberg
    I have also problem, on all of min Sena products 20S, SRL2.0, PI, Expand Boom, Snowtalk m.m
    with bad sound from the person I'm talking to. They hear me fine.
    Music and intercom work well
    Suggested solution? I have iPhone

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