Sharing GPS over Intercom?


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  • Sena

    Sharing the signal from a GPS like the Zumo 550 is not possible on a Sena headset. A GPS like the Zumo 550 uses a Bluetooth signal for GPS directions called HFP (Hands Free Profile). Sena headsets are only able to share the stereo audio Bluetooth signal (A2DP) between 2 headsets over the intercom. So the only way to share GPS directions from a Zumo 550 is use the Sena SM10 Dual Stream Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter and connect the two devices together using a 3.5mm cable using the audio out port on the handlebar mount for the Zumo 550 and the Audio In port on the SM10 then pair the SM10 to both of the Sena headsets.


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