Software update to 1.4?


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  • Jon Bauer
    Jon Bauer

    This is what Sena says 1.4 has:

    Change made from version 1.3 to 1.4

    • Remote control support

    • Minor fug fixes in using SR10 and more

    Anyone know what that "remote control" is?

    - Jon

  • Ken

    I also wonder what "Remote Control" support is.  Changes in the smartphone communication?   And WHICH minor bug fixers in using an SR-10 and more?  

    We're having issues that seem to be falling on deaf  ears. 



  • Rebelthor

    "Remote Control" most likely refers to the new handlebar remote they just revealed:

    I too am interested in what are the bugfixes more precisely. 

    @Sena: Can you provide us with a more detailed list?


  • Keith

    For what it's worth, here's what I know from my interactions with the Sena engineers:

    What about battery drain (2 days is now the official line on stand-by time. I'm still trying to figure out the issue of my batteries draining in a week while powered off)

    What about using the "Hello Sena" command (A Sena engineer said they know what the problem is and will fix it in the next release. So, maybe in 1.5?)

    I haven't experienced the other problems you listed. The FM reception could be better. And it apparently is better compared to the first couple of firmware releases. But, as of firmware version 1.3, you really need a good signal. Get into the hills at all and the station is gone.

  • Matt

    I'm having exactly the same issues. On top of that, I have one device that will not be recognised by the device manager, so I can't do the upgrade. The device that I did do the 1.4 upgrade on wont even turn on now.

    This has been the biggest waste of money, and a horribly disappointing experience. Oh and tech support, doing a reset does not fix the problem, changing cables doesn't fix the problem....what else have you got?


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