SMH10 vs 20S


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  • Ken

    Cannot blame you for questioning the decision to upgrade to the 20S.  There are only a few issues with the units and they've been shared by a lot of us.   (units turn off randomly, Intercom low priority gets blanked out by the 1st Phone device, short battery life, not rain resistant,  etc.).  Those items, however, are not enough for me to put my SMH-10R back onto my helmet.  I used the SMH-10R for over 2 years and was pretty happy with it.  However, the 20S has so many superior features that that I decided to pay the $250+ to upgrade. 

    I'm not sure that any of the major issues that we've all experienced and complained about will ever get fixed, at least not with the current hardware.  Sena appears deaf to our troubles / requests and has not directly addressed our issues with specific firmware changes.   But my 20S is still superior to my SMH-10R.  

    Regarding the 20S range, I have found it to be superior to the SMH-10 and 10R.  Many times, I've been able to intercom to another 20S user even though I could barely see him up ahead.    However, when you lose line-of-sight, you're going to lose intercom unless an intermediate 20S can fill the gap.   I've experienced this on the Devil's Highway in Arizona.  Sharp corners around cliffs and if the two riders in front of me go around the cliff, I lost communication.  But when the middle rider was still in sight, I could also communicate with the first rider that was up the road.  

    I'm still hoping that Sena comes out with a more user-friendly human interface and a way that Intercom can be the highest priority in a future firmware release.  It may be a long wait. 



  • 308

    Thanks for the reply Ken,

         I guess I'm at a crossroads. I'm going to have get a new pair of devices soon. I don't have any major complaints with how the SMH10's performed, but do I want to spend $$$ on old technology??

    The numerous negative reviews on the 20's, have me concerned as well.  Maybe I'll nurse the SMH10's along for a while longer, and see if SENA addresses these issue, with development of a new, robust, device...


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