20s Crashes continuously


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  • Didier G
    Didier G


    I also have a unit (I bought a twin kit too) that is crashing continuously.

    I've tried everything (no intercom, no radio, no gps), the time between the crash is less often when using 20s without intercom. With intercom sometimes it crashes every 5 sec, so I restart the unit by keeping Phone+JogDial button for 5-6sec (don't say goodbye) and then I can restart it and try to connect one more time to intercom.

    And sometimes I can't say anything that the thing has re-crashed. Sometimes it works for 3-4minutes without problems. But never more than 5 minutes.


    I'm looking to contact my reseller to receive another unit.


    (The second 20s of the twin pack is apparently working normally and I don't experience thoses crashes)


    Keep us updated...


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