Sena announces a fix for all Sena 20S issues.


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  • Trey Contour
    Trey Contour
    Yup..... Didn't wait for Cardo's PackTalk but bought one of their headsets and finally have something that works as advertised....
  • Kiwi Brian
    Kiwi Brian

    problem is the Cardio one is 2 X the price of the SMH10..  I may go back to the SMH10 if I have issues.

  • Neil Khatib
    Neil Khatib

    Why would a rep say to not upgrade? Isn't that a sign in and of itself, that this needs work? It has been out too long for all of these bugs for the basic functionality. They really need to prioritize fixes, and at least get intercom from 20 to 10 working, and then audio multitasking, etc. Rather than worrying about stuff that most people don't even use. I have a later sena 20 and its still buggy to all hell and makes it so frustrating to use and to think I spent $500 on two!


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