distance problem on the device


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  • Ken

    Gabreil, with the little antenna up on both units, they should have well over 100 yards of  noise-free communication so long as the two units can "see" each other.  If anything gets in between the units, I get the static and noise like it's dropping out.  

    I think that two units can easily get 400 to 500 yards;  so long as there are no hills, trees,  big trucks, or anything else between them.  To get the 2 miles, you'll need 9 friends, all linked together.  If I understand  it correctly,each unit in the line acts like a repeater to those behind and in front.  

     I've been in a group of 4 riders where the first rider disappeared around a curve and cliff.  I was the 4th rider, but could still communicate with him because of the riders between us carrying his signal  around the curve.  When the 3rd rider went out of  sight, I lost communication with all three of them.  

    It really does work.  


  • Xiangwei Meng
    Xiangwei Meng

    Me and my friend just purchased a pair of 20s 3 days ago.  Now, we are considering to return those items. Because of the problem of distance. Like the manual says, it has 2km range, but after 150 yards at most, my friend and I will be lost connections or barely hear a word, and there was nothing between us, we were on a open, no cars high way. I was not expected the 2km range before I bought it even the salesman said so. But, 200 yards? That doesn't worth 250$. you know, 150 yards is too close for motorcycle and Sena should be honest about this. 

  • Ken Kimari
    Ken Kimari

    Make sure antenna is up. 2km range is only if a group is daisy chained together.  Line of sight up to 900m is possible between two units but at that distance if anything (and I mean anything!) gets in the way between the units at that distance you will lose communication.

  • Mark Scott
    Mark Scott

    I am having the distance issue as well - but it it more like 50 feet?     However - I was using Bluetooth on the SENA APP to make the Group Intercom connection.    So maybe a better question is:  Is there a difference in _HOW_ you connect in Intercom mode?    Meaning - if i use the APP, and the #1 unit (my unit) is connected via Bluetooth, and I connect #2, and #3 via Bluetooth -  am I using Bluetooth for the connection?   So that is like 50-70 feet range?         Does this make sense?


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