bluetooth music cutting in and out and phone call quality is terrible.

I have had a smh 5 for about 2 years now and loved it.  I was presented with an opportunity to go half in on a dual pack of 20s for a steal.  after i got them i immediately did a firmware upgrade to the latest version on both units and connected my phone.  regardless of if im streaming from Pandora or playing from the phones hard drive i seem to have this issue, and there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or rhythm to when it cuts in and out.  on top of this annoying problem the audio quality when im using the google app for phone control or using the actual phone for calls is absolutely terrible.  its like the other person is screaming on the other end causing with speakers to distort.  but everything is coming through at the same volume as the music which had crisp sound ( when it actually played).  Ive tried disconnecting my bluetooth connection from my phone and reconnecting it.  tried forgeting the connection altogether and repairing them.  neither of these have had any affect on the above issues.  the smh5 is supposedly the bottom rung product from sena, but between the issues im having with my 20s and the issues ive been reading that seem to be common with others.  the smh 5 seems like the golden product in comparison.    is there any suggestions to resolving this issue? 

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