Music Interrupted by general noise


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  • Diptwattle

    I have the same exact problem.  The music stops every 3 seconds with "say a command"...  Drives me nuts.  No matter what my settings, I have to scream CANCEL!!!!! and then it will start, but only to do it again.  I just put it in the drawer and quit using it figuring it as a wasted 300 bucks...  Its really stupid...  My helmet is a Scorpion 3000 with built in cut out ear holes, and that too sux for sound because the volume at anything above slow street driving is hard to hear, and forget a call...    

    Sad to say but my Bilt helmet and bluetooth device works better than this....  And sounds better on calls and highway drives without cutting out... 

  • Ian Selwood
    Ian Selwood
    Rob, it was a faulty cradle which was replaced within three days.
    Excellent service too.
    Now I can talk to several in our group, one-to-one is HD and the phone quality is the best I've had.
    One of our group had and did the same as me. Give it a go! Good luck.
    Ian, UK
  • Sena

    @Diptwattle:  You can disable the motion sensor so that you will no longer hear the "Say a command" voice prompt. For more information, refer to this F.A.Q.


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