Sena 20S cannot update Firmware higher than 1.6.2

In my group we got 6 Sena 20S and none of us, I repeat, none of us can update the firmware anything higher than 1.6.2 without running into troubles...

I don't think that we got 6 faulty units (what are the chances), and all the unit we got do perform well.

I just want to know why we can't update the firmware....

Device Manager is 3.3 and the highest firmware we can use is 1.6.2 (or lower) but not higher.

If we update even just to 1.6.3 we can't turn things off anymore (radio,music)

and the problem is that all the unit display the same problem after being updated.

Also if we try to restore the firmware it says at the top (of the device manager window) that the restore version is 1.6, and yet after finish restoring it recognise the device as 1.6.3

We have also reset them all to factory default (12 second reset) and also tried update version by version and the result remained the same

Are these software and firmware bugs? Or are these 6 devices all faulty?

Please advise to what is the best course of action as we would like this matter resolved

Thank you

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