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    Alex - Sena Support
    Alex - Sena Support

    The volume can be separately adjusted via the Sena app on your phone using the volume key within the app.

    You can enable Audio Overlay Management, which will prevent the GPS from lowering during a call.

    Audio Overlay Volume Management (Default: Disabled):

    The music, FM radio, and GPS overlaid audio reduce in volume whenever there is an ongoing intercom conversation. If Audio Overlay Volume Management is enabled, the volume level of the overlaid audio will not be reduced during an intercom conversation.

    Also, if "Bluetooth Audio Multitasking" is not enabled, it will not play GPS/Music/Intercom/Call simultaneously; it will prioritize Phone first and Music last until the phone call is ended.

  • Reid Kaylen
    Reid Kaylen

    oh they try calling the customer support 


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