SMH5 compatibility to android app


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  • Spyros Konstantinidis
    Spyros Konstantinidis

    100% true and totally agree with you. This is something absurd and totally unprofessional on behalf of SENA. If the company decides to release an entry-level model it should supported in the exact same way as the top of the line model. 

    I've recently purchased my first ever intercom system for my motorcycle. I did not want to spend a ton of money since I didnt know if I was going to use it. Therefore I purchased SMH5. After pairing it with my phone's bluetooth etc. I downloaded the SENA app to use the additional features. To my DISSAPOINTMENT the specific model is NOT SUPPORT in the SENA app.

    Since i really enjoy the intercom, I will probably upgrade to a full-featured model however i seriously doubt that I will go with SENA again in the future.

    Totally unprofessional and totally amateurish.

  • Sena Support
    Sena Support

    Hello. The SMH5 and the SMH5-FM does not have the hardware built into the headset and is not using the required version of Bluetooth that allows it to communicate with an app such as the Sena Utility App. Please see this FAQ on which products are compatible with the Sena Utility App:


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