Music Sharing 20s evo


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  • Dennis Facia
    Dennis Facia

    After chatting with supprt it was suggested to do a reset on both units. Music sharing worked after the reset.


  • Dennis Facia
    Dennis Facia

    Looks like I spoke to soon.

    It appears the issue is back. even after a reset of both units the second headset isn't able to hear the music. Has anyone found a solution?

    Thanks in advance.


  • Michael Becker
    Michael Becker

    Same problem, Master unit ist connected to an BMW Navi VI, no music sharing possible with second unit when music plays from SD Card BMW Navi. Firmware 2.0. 

    So it seems to be an general issue... @SENA.

    Ride safe,


  • Jo Wyns
    Jo Wyns

    Similar issue here.

    We get the intercom going, and we can talk to eachother between the two headsets - Schuberth SC1A and Sena 10S - which both run the V2.0 Sena softwer. Then I  turn on music. We both get the music, but no more intercom. 
    We can switch back and forth between sharing music, and having intercom. 
    But we don't get the overlay of intercom over shared music which we expected.

    After fiddling with the settings, I managed to get background music on the SC1A, and background music on the 10S - but this is not shared music.

    Is there a way to get the shared music on the background, and intercom in foreground??

  • Ken Kimari
    Ken Kimari

    Not sure about the Schuberth and 10s combo but I was able to do music sharing and intercom together using audio multitasking and navigation app support both turned on on both of my 20s evos.  I adjust music level with the phone and overall level with the jog dials.  If both of your units support audio multitasking and nav app support you may want to try this.

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  • Alex Rodger
    Alex Rodger

    While uncertain about the Schuberth and 10s combination, I successfully synchronized music sharing and intercom functionalities by activating audio multitasking and navigation app support on both of my 20s evos. Adjusting music volume via the phone and overall levels using the jog dials enhanced the experience. If your units support these features, experimenting with this setup might prove beneficial. Also Make sure to browse through these fantastic Brown Leather Jacket they'll make a statement in your wardrobe!


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