My friends and I left Sena over 3 years ago because of continued issues.


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  • Ken

    It 's  been 3 weeks or more and no comments or answers.  Anyone? 

  • Kym Moulds
    Kym Moulds

    Hi Ken

    I run a trike tour company here in Sydney Australia.  I use the Sena S20S and 10S units for my passengers.

    To date the 20S works very well and I don't have any of the issues that you mention when I have it paired to the 2 10S units used by my clients.

    That being said, SENA's claim of range for the units is a down and out lie as I have tested them and you will not get the stated range that sena claim.  It is BS.

    Also, the tech support that sena provide us all but useless.  I believe that sena have farmed their tech support out to another company.  I have better luck in contacting the local Australian importer as they know more than sena's tech support will know in a month of Sundays.

    It is a shame as sena have a good product but it let down by their BS claims and hopeless tech support.  If I didn't have so much invested in the units mentioned above and the numerous helmets mounts then I too would jump ship and go to Scala.

  • Roger Hamilton
    Roger Hamilton

    How I wished I'd read this post before. 

    Sena 20s, absolute rubbish, sadly bought a double pack so doubled the loss. 

    Can't sell them as they don't work:-) I guess prospective buyers don't look at the support pages, maybe they will and read this. I'd strongly urge you to reconsider and look elsewhere, these are not fit for purpose. One of those rare times when spending more is not a good idea. 

    mic system stopped working on one, and then the other. This after various other dramas. It's not the cables or the base plate, it's the unit.



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