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  • Does sena pi retain intercom pairing?

    Does Sena Pi retain intercom pairing after both units are turned off?  Instructions are not clear on this and it seems that I have to re-pair both after they are turned off. If the units retain pai...

  • New 20s firmware 1.6.1

    Successfully upgraded my 20s to the new 1.6.1.  They seemed to fix the firmware manager for the mac too.  It doesn't have the bluetooth warnings anymore and it works with the wireless mouse.  They ...

  • 20s with SR10 problem

    Occasionally while having my 20s connected to my SR10 connected to multipoint pairing (second phone) my radio transmissions come across like a Cylon robot - very distorted.  The only solution is to...

  • Ability to add SMH10's to Group intercom

    Would be nice to have the ability to add SMH10's to the Group intercom list.  I see you can add 20s's but it does not seem to recognize a SMH10.

  • Additional things to fix

    Some fixes I'd like to see for the 20s.  iPhone music won't automatically resume when SR10 is used in the system.  (works fine with my SMH10 connected to iPhone and SR10).  Music sharing does not w...

  • SR 10 remote PTT needs better tactile feedback

    After using the SR 10 and the remote ptt on my motorcycle for the past year there is one thing that could use improvement.  The PTT switch has a squishy feel with no tactile feedback click making i...

  • Update auto pairing with SR10

    I've noticed the SR10 does not auto pair with the phone if the phone is turned on after the SR10 is already up and running.  It also will not reestablish pairing with the phone if the bluetooth con...