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  • Pairing lost

    I have had a 20S for a couple of years and had no problems, but now it cannot maintain pairing with the iPhone SE. Last night I tried again from the beginning, cleared ALL Bluetooth pairings from t...

  • Momentum INC

    After such a long wait, it is apparently finally available. But, some questions:- Why is the INC not listed in the EU Store? When will it be? When will the carbon version be available? Then, questi...

  • Prism camera storage

    The new Prism camera looks interesting, particularly since it allows operation while charging - a 'must have' feature for serious use on the motorcycle. But I can find no mention of where/how it st...

  • New 20S

    What's happening with the 20S? Been announced a while ago, but still no sign of when it will be available? I'm looking forward to upgrading from the SMH10, but when? Any news?

  • Anyone have a 'not working' SMH10

    I recently had an unfortunate experience on the bike while the SMH10 was attached to my helmet. Basically I fell off and the SMH10 is now badly scuffed on the glossy/shiny front part of the case an...

  • Audio mixing

    There is currently a problem when using an all-in-one smartphone, as any sat nav audio (from an app on the phone device) is indistinguishable by the SMH10 from just music. Hence it is lower priorit...

  • SMH10 noises

    When using the SMH10, I find that after a call, it invariably continues with a clicking noise for several seconds after the call has ended. There are also other clicks and ticks that I hear when it...

  • SMH10 with iPhone

    All the info I see relates to the use of the SMH10 with an iPhone AND something else, e.g. a Sat Nav or perhaps an audio player, but I am only interested in what seems to me to be the most blinding...

  • SMH10 Firmware upgrade on Mac

    Using Sena Device Manager 1.2, logged in as admin and tried to update to v4, but it ALWAYS fails saying it cannot backup current firmware for restore (or words to that effect). This raises several ...