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  • Speakers for half helmet

    I have a Sena 30K. I want to use it with a half helmet but can't find any accessories to mount speakers using a half hellmet.  Heck can't find a accessories for anything on Sena's site.

  • How to communicate between 2 Smh10s while 1 is paired with Zumo xt

    My wife and I each have SMH10's. I paired mine with my new Zumo xt now our SMH10s won't connect. Is there a hierarchy for pairing. When I turn the zumo's bluetooth off when can connect.

  • 20s evo vs 30K

    My wife & I have been using the SMH10 now for 7 yrs. Want to upgrade either to the 20S Evo or the 30K. Don't really need the mesh tech. but the price points are couple dollars apart. Which unit hav...