Information about the Sena FreeWire.

The Sena FreeWire ( is a Bluetooth adapter for the Harley-Davidson and the Honda Gold Wing. Currently, the audio systems on these motorcycles do not allow a Bluetooth headset to be paired for communication or listening to music wirelessly. The FreeWire allows you to communicate and hear all of the audio from the motorcycle's infotainment system through a Sena Bluetooth headset rather than wearing a headset that causes you to be tied to your bike.


All you need to do use the FreeWire is connect the 7-pin DIN cable for the Harley-Davidson into the audio port and the 5-pin DIN cable for the Gold Wing into the audio port and pair the FreeWire to a compatible Sena headset. With the FreeWire and the headset paired together, now you'll be able to talk over the built-in CB radio, built-in intercom system, hear turn-by-turn GPS directions and listen to the music from the FM radio all through a Sena headset.


Compatible Sena Bluetooth headsets -

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