20S - Pairing Up to 8 Headsets Together For Talking Over the Intercom.

The 20S supports an intercom conference of up to 8 people so that you can all be talking in a group over the intercom at the same time. In order for 8 people to talk in an eight-way intercom conference, all of the 20S headsets needs to be paired and connected together in "chain" so that all of the headsets are "linked" to each other.



Here is the easiest way on how to pair and connect eight 20S headsets together for an eight-way intercom conference.


1. Place headset A and headset B into Intercom Pairing Mode.


2. Hold down the Jog Dial on one of the headsets for 6 seconds until you hear the voice prompt say "Intercom pairing". The can be done on both headsets at the same time too.

3. When both headsets are in Intercom Pairing Mode and the LEDs are flashing red rapidly on both headsets, tap the Jog Dial once on either headset.

4. Wait for them to pair together. The LEDs on both headsets will flash blue twice at the same time.


5. Pair headset B to headset C using Steps 2-4.


6. Pair headset C to headset D using Steps 2-4.


7. Pair headset D to headset E using Steps 2-4.


8. Pair headset E to headset F using Steps 2-4.


9. Pair headset F to headset G using Steps 2-4.


10. Pair headset G to headset H using Steps 2-4.



Now that all of the headsets are paired together, here is how to connect all of them for talking over the intercom.


1. After you pair headset G to headset H, they will automatically be connected together so that they can talk over the intercom.


Now each headset needs to join the intercom conversation one by one with the last two paired headsets (G and H) in reverse order to create a "chain" so that everyone can talk to each other over the intercom. The "chain" can be created starting with headset F and going in reverse order until you have headset A join the intercom conversation.


2. Tap the Jog Dial once on headset F to join the conversation.


3. Tap the Jog Dial once on headset E to join the conversation.


4. Tap the Jog Dial once on headset D to join the conversation.


5. Tap the Jog Dial once on headset C to join the conversation.


6. Tap the Jog Dial once on headset B to join the conversation.


7. Tap the Jog Dial once on headset A to join the conversation and have all 8 headsets connected together for talking over the intercom.


When using the intercom on the 20S, the following is recommended:

  • Ride with the antenna flipped up.
  • Ride in the order that the headsets are paired in (A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H). If you are headset A then you are the the first person of the group. If you are headset H then you are at the last person in the group.
  • Keep that order while riding for the best intercom experience with the 20S.
  • The same steps can be used if you are riding in a group between 3 - 8 people.
  • If you are riding with 5 or more people then enable the Eight-Way Intercom setting for each person through the Configuration Menu on the headset or through the Sena Smartphone App.
  • If you are riding with less than 4 people then disable Eight-Way Intercom setting.



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