Using Mesh Intercom in Public Mode

 When Mesh intercom is enabled, the headset will be in Public Mode initially. It can connect with a virtually unlimited number of nearby 30K headsets within a 1.6 km (1.0 mile) range. Within this group, 6 users can talk at the same time for an optimized, open group intercom conversation. Users can freely connect with each other when in Public Mode. The audio quality of the intercom conversation will be the best when communicating using Public Mode. The headset will not save the connection information from any of the headsets that it is connected to for future open group intercom conversations when in Public Mode.

Starting Mesh Intercom

When Mesh intercom is enabled, the headset will automatically connect to nearby 30K users and allow them to talk to each other by pressing the Mesh intercom Button

 Mesh Intercom On


 Mesh Intercom Off




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