Using Mesh Intercom in Private Mode

In order to use Private Mode on the 30K to connect your riding buddies together, a Mesh needs to be created by one of the riders in the group. A "creator" can create a Mesh using the following steps. 

Creating a Mesh

  • While everyone is in Public Mode, press and hold the Mesh Intercom Button for 5 seconds to hear the voice prompt "Creating mesh". 

Nearby riders in Public Mode will receive an invitation from the "creator" and hear a voice prompt say "Would you like to join the mesh?" 

The invited rider can accept the invitation from the “creator” within 30 seconds by tapping the Mesh Intercom Button once. After accepting the invitation, the invited rider's headset will give the voice prompt “Joined the mesh”. 

Joining an Existing Mesh

For those riders that did not receive an invitation from the "creator" or did not accept the initial invite, you can join a Mesh that has already been started.

  • Tap the Mesh Intercom Button on your 30K twice. You will hear the voice prompt “Searching for mesh” on your headset. 

The creator of the Mesh can accept or reject the request to join the Mesh after hearing the voice prompt "Would you like to accept a new participant?".

  • To accept - The "creator" needs to tap the Mesh Intercom Button once. 
    • The rider will hear the voice prompt "Joined the mesh".
  • To reject – The "creator" needs to hold the Mesh Intercom Button for 1 second.
    • The rider will hear the voice prompt “Mesh intercom denied”. 

Quitting the Mesh

The 30K will remember which headsets it is connected to in a Mesh even if the headset is powered off. If you want to create a new Mesh with a new group of riding buddies then you need to quit the Mesh.

  • Hold down the Mesh Intercom Button for 8 seconds, you will hear the voice prompt “Quit the mesh”. 

The creator or a participant can quit the Mesh. When someone quits the Mesh, the headset will automatically switch to Public Mode and the stored connection information will be deleted.

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