SMH10 - Speed Dialing

You can quickly make a phone call by using the voice speed dial menu.

1. To enter into the voice speed dial menu, double tap the Phone Button and you will hear a mid-tone single beep and a voice prompt saying “Speed dial”.

2. Rotate the Jog Dial clockwise or counter-clockwise to navigate between the menus. You will hear voice prompts for each menu items.

3. Tap the Phone Button or the Jog Dial to select a voice menu among the followings:
(1) Last number redial (4) Speed dial 3
(2) Speed dial 1 (5) Cancel
(3) Speed dial 2

4. After selecting the last number redial menu, you will hear a voice prompt saying “Last number redial”. Then, to redial the last phone call number, tap the Phone Button or the Jog Dial.

5. To call one of the speed dials, rotate the Jog Dial clockwise or counter-clockwise to navigate between the menus until you hear a voice prompt saying “Speed dial (#)”. Then, tap the Phone Button or the Jog Dial.

6. If you want to exit the speed dial immediately, rotate the Jog Dial until you hear a voice prompt saying “Cancel”, and tap the Phone Button or the Jog Dial. If any button is not pressed within 15 seconds, the SMH10 will exit the voice speed dial menu and goes back to stand-by mode. 

Note: Make sure that you should connect the mobile phone and the headset in order to use the speed dial function.


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