SMH10 - Wired Microphone Install

Please adjust the direction of the microphone so that the fin side of the microphone is facing outward; away from your lips. You can easily recognize it by touching the fin with your fingers.

The microphone cap helps you to cut down incoming microphone wind noise by protecting the microphone from the wind and provide clearer voice audio sound. Put the microphone cap on the side of the microphone that has the fin on it.

When installing the boom microphone included in the “Universal Microphone Kit”, place the hook and loop fastener end of the boom microphone between the internal helmet cheek pad and the internal wall of the helmet shell. The boom microphone should be mounted so it is facing close to your mouth when you wear
the helmet. You can use the enclosed hook and loop fastener and holder for the boom microphone to ensure secure placement.

In the case of the wired microphone also included in the “Universal Microphone Kit”, attach the enclosed hook and loop fastener for wired microphone to the inside of the chin guard for full-face helmets. Place the wired microphone on the hook and loop fastener and connect it to the connector of the clamp unit.


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