SMH5 - Helmet Install


1. Loosen the two screws on the back plate of the clamp using the enclosed Allen Wrench. Insert the back plate of the clamp unit between the internal padding and external shell of the helmet, and tighten the two screws.

2. Attach the headset main unit to the clamp. Insert the main unit in the clamp until you feel the click that signals a secure attachment.

3. If you have any problem mounting the clamp unit on the helmet for any reason, you may use the glued surface mounting plate which can be attached to the external surface of the helmet.

• Locate a proper surface on the helmet to attach the unit, clean the helmet surface location with a moistened towel, and allow to dry thoroughly.
• Peel off the cover of the adhesive tape of the plate and attach the unit on the proper surface of your helmet.

Sena recommends the clamp unit over the glued surface mounting plate. Even though the glued surface mounting plate is provided for convenience, Sena does not assume any responsibility for use of it. Users may have to use the glued plate at their own risk and responsibility.

4. Place the helmet speakers along with the hook and loop fasteners, centered to your ear, in the ear pockets of the helmet. If the helmet has deep ear pockets, you can use the speaker pads to place the speakers closer to your ears.

5. Attach the boom microphone included in the “Basic Kit” between the internal padding and the external shell. The boom microphone should be mounted on the inside surface of the external shell so it is facing properly towards your mouth. Please make sure that the microphone is located close to your mouth when you wear the helmet. You can use the enclosed hook and loop fastener and holder for the boom microphone to ensure secure placement.

In the case of the wired microphone included in the “Full-face Helmet Kit”, attach the enclosed hook and loop fastener for wired microphone to the inside of the chin guard for full-face helmets. Place the wired microphone on the hook and loop fastener and attach it to the connector of the speaker cable.

6. When you use the boom microphone included in the “Basic Kit”, please make sure that the fin side of the microphone is facing outward; away from your lips. You can easily recognize it by touching the fin with your fingers.

7. To remove the headset main unit from the clamp, please make sure to pull out the speaker cable connector from the main unit first. Then, remove the main unit from the clamp.

Be sure to connect the speaker cable securely to the main unit. It is strongly recommended that you insert the cable tightly into the connector housing while holding the main unit.


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